Tom Wittenschlaeger

Tom Wittenschlaeger's biography photoTom Wittenschlaeger’s love for technology and motor vehicles has been evident throughout his career and personal life. An avid motorcyclist, Tom was appointed CEO of NantMobility, LLC., the organization bringing the Stator to market in mid-2019. Tom brings four decades of technology and product development expertise to the role. His specialty has always focused on development of unique technologies to disrupt or redefine market segments very early in the game. Prior to joining NantMobility, Tom served as President of the Powered Vehicles Group and Chief Strategy Officer of Fox Factory, the industry leader in vehicle ride dynamics, President of NantTronics, an innovator in networking, computing and fiber optic, and long haul data transport, CEO of Keyon Communications Holdings, a rural wireless broadband provider, and Chairman of the Board of Lantronics, a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) hardware solutions. Earlier in his career, he spent 16 years at the Hughes Aircraft Company in a variety of businesses including torpedoes, air traffic control, integrated display systems and satellites. He was awarded the inaugural Malcom R. Currie Innovation Award for advanced hybrid methodologies in forecasting market demand for products not yet invented.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the United States Naval Academy and completed certifications as a Nuclear Engineer. He served in nuclear attack submarines in the Pacific Theater, served in the Persian Gulf during operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and is qualified in both Submarines and in Surface Warfare.He completed the Executive Program in Management at UCLA. The inventor of fabric networking and fabric super-computing Mr. Wittenschlaeger holds more than 30 patents in networking, computing, communications, cyber technologies and real-time systems.

In the world of two wheel vehicles, Tom has been an avid motorcyclist his entire life. He purchased his first motorcycle, a Kawasaki H3 triple in 1977, then raced a pair of Ducati 916s in the unlimited superbike class some 20 years later. His current ride is a Ducati 1098S Tricolore.