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The Stator Launch Edition (LE) scooter will be produced and delivered by NantMobility during the second quarter of 2020. Only 500 of the Launch Edition Stator will be available and will be shipped exclusive Stator merchandise.

Your current order will place a $250 down non-refundable deposit for your Stator LE, and the remainder will be invoiced prior to shipment in the second quarter of 2020.

*Only Available for U.S. Customers – International Shipping is not available at this time.

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Pay a deposit of $250.00 per item
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Max speed: 30mph
Max Power: 1000W
Battery:18650 Lithium-Ion
Length: 68 in
Width: 16 in
Height: 46 in unfold / 17 in fold
Wheelbase: 50 in
Tires: 18 X 7.8 – 10 M/C
Weight: 90 lbs (40.8 kg)
Voltage: 120VAC
Charge Time: 4 Hours (Standard Charger)


Simple yet elegant, utilitarian yet stylishly bold, the Stator electronic scooter has already shown promise far beyond any other micromobility option.

The Stator represents innovation in human travel that is so technically advanced and so perfectly designed that it looks, feels and even sounds like pure artistry in motion.

Yet it is artistry with a purpose.

The Stator is an entirely new concept in micromobility and human transport design – a concept that is about far more than mere transportation. It is the embodiment of our vision of a future where micromobility improves everyday life for everyone.

There is something eloquent about graceful designs that also serve a functional purpose. They are those rare machines that achieve iconic status.

The Stator is such a machine. Conceived by Nathan Allen at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, the Stator was selected by visionary entrepreneur Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong as his first foray into micromobility.

The NantMobility team has dedicated itself to adding even more innovative features to the Stator’s design. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, the launch edition of the Stator offers you an experience unlike anything seen before in micromobility, including:

  • Advanced, automotive OEM-grade instruments
  • Limp, Eco, Sport and X modes tailored to rider skill and environmental conditions
  • Award-worthy bladed wheels for optimal brake and motor cooling
  • Best-in-class visibility lighting
  • Durable and quiet military grade tire compounds and tread patterns that shrug off water
  • Capable of maintaining speeds of 30 miles per hour for one hour
  • Industry-first “fan blade” one-piece aluminum wheels designed as a heatsink while allowing air to flow over and cool the motor
  • Full recharge in four hours

The all-electric Stator provides you with the ultimate ride through the city free from the intrusive sputter, the exhaust fumes and the vibrating whine of a gas-powered engine. The Stator rider is able to completely tune in to the ride and the surroundings, not the machine underneath – all while avoiding the modern headaches of urban traffic and limited transit.

With one kilowatt hour of energy, the Stator can travel for more than 80 miles. A gasoline-powered car would travel less than a mile using the same amount of energy, and even an all-electric car would go barely more than four miles. That not only makes micromobility with the Stator incredibly efficient, it also means less reliance on cars, which the Environmental Protection Agency notes are the largest contributor of U.S. greenhouse emissions.

Now is your chance to become one of the first to experience this innovative, intelligent and sustainable future of travel. The Stator scooter will be produced and delivered by NantMobility during the first quarter of 2020. Only 500 of the Launch Edition Stator scooters will be available and will be shipped with exclusive Stator merchandise.

Be part of the future of micromobility, the future of innovation, the future of human travel.

*Availability for the Launch Edition Stator (Stator LE) is limited to the United States only at this time.


  1. martin.breyer

    Hello everyone. Congratulations for the first launch, can you please tell me when this will take place in Europe, I have been waiting since 2018 :))

    • devstatormm

      Martin, we’re currently researching the requirements for international shipping. We will make an announcement when international shipping is available.

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