Why be just a scooterWhen You Can Be A Stator?

Innovation ComingQ1 2020

The Stator electric scooter is stylish, functional and innovative. Since the prototype went viral in late 2018, engineers have been working to bring the product to production. The first Stator electric scooters will arrive on the market in Q1 2020. To be one of the first to sign up and purchase a Stator, join our mailing list.


Frame Material 4130 Chromoly Tubing
Motor Direct Drive 3-Phase Brushless DC
Turn Radius 94”R On Outside
Folding Front Bar Quick Release
Carrying Capacity 250lbs (118kg)
Max Speed: 25 MPH (40 KM/H)
Max Range: 20 miles per charge (32km)
Max Power: 1000W
Vehicle Size: 58" long // 20" wide //
43" tall (bar up),
17" tall (bar down)
Weight: 90lbs (40.8kg)
Batter: 18650 Lithium-Ion
Battery Pack: 20Ah (20 miles)
Charge Time: 4 hours (standard charger),
1.2 hours (fast charger optional)
Voltage: 110/220v

What People Are Saying

“The badass Stator ‘self-balancing electric bike’….is one you’ll want to ride every day and show off to your friends.”

“Lime and Bird should take note: this is how you build a scooter.”

“This scooter could be the future.”

“We’re hopping on the scooter trend thanks to the stylish and functional Stator scooter.”

“Stator electric scooter is like Batman’s Batpod that I can afford.”


LCD Screen

An LCD instrumentation panel provides data on the Stator's battery charge, time, distance, speed and more. In addition, LCD technology is greener than alternatives as it is more energy-efficient and more sustainable than other technologies that may include mercury in their display.

LED Lighting

The Stator's front handle bar also includes a row of front-facing high-output LED lighting. Underlighting for the Stator is also in testing but may not be available on initial product release.

Motor Efficiency

Stator's electric motor is highly efficient using less power to improve battery life.

Graphene Tires

The Stator will include Graphene tires with a reflective Stator logo on the outside of the tire. Graphene reduces rolling friction, improves the life of the tire and has no carbon footprint making the Stator more environmentally friendly. Tread patterns are currently being selected for the initial release.