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Introducing the world’s most powerful and functional electric scooter.

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Bladed Wheels For Optimal Brake And Motor Cooling

Bladed wheels allow for functional air intake unlike any other wheel ever created.

Best In Class Visibility Lighting

Front and rear lighting allow for travel day and night.

German-Engineered Braking Systems

Quality braking systems allowing for a smooth transition from speed to stop.

Our Visionaries

Patrick Soon-Shiong biography headshot
Patrick Soon-Shiong

Dr. Soon-Shiong currently serves as Chairman and CEO of NantWorks, an ecosystem of companies aiming to create transformative global health information and next-generation pharma development network. Dr. Soon-Shiong’s passion for micromobility lies in its potential global impact on reducing carbon emissions through electric transportation in urban areas.

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Tom Wittenschlaeger biography headshot
Tom Wittenschlaeger

Tom Wittenschlaeger's love for technology and motor vehicles has been evident throughout his career and personal life. An avid motorcyclist, Tom was appointed CEO of NantMobility, LLC., the organization bringing the Stator to market in mid-2019. Tom brings four decades of technology and product development expertise to the role.

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Amanda McKee

The past 12 years of Amanda's career has been on two wheels. Her love for mobility and experience in operations and relationship development makes her a perfect addition to the NantMobility team.

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West Coast Innovation Meets East Coast Aspiration

The Stator scooter's ground-breaking design is not only an engineering marvel, but its primary benefit lies in its eco-friendly design and opportunities to impact local transportation on a global scale.

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