Nathan Allen carving tire tread by hand. 

Nathan Allen carving tire tread by hand. 

Nathan Allen designed Stator with a passion for simple design and engineering.


Inspired by his passion for simple design and engineering, Nathan created Stator, a self-balancing electric bike. An avid skateboarder and bicyclist since childhood, he set out to build a vehicle that would provide a rider with the same unencumbered feeling of freedom and all the benefits of those modes of transportation.

Safety, easy of ride, and style were the highest priorities while developing the concept. Stator’s self-balancing function creates an easy on/off capability, even when the rider is static. He spent countless hours in his garage workspace thinking through the concept, building prototypes and painstakingly testing his inventions. With patents pending and several prototypes in circulation, his next step is to bring Stator to the market as an effortless personal vehicle for consumers 16 and above to easily navigate any environment.

As a member of the faculty at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, Allen is responsible for developing the curriculum to teach students critical foundational skills that are key to their entire educational experience. He has been an instructor at the college since 2006 and a guest lecturer at Caltech on prototyping and production. His 18 years of expertise have helped guide companies such as Google [x] and Idealab develop prototypes and design products for manufacturing.

A master of identifying how to simplify design, he’s widely known and respected for his extensive knowledge of mechanics and manufacturing. A dedicated and popular teacher, he is deeply committed to mentoring the next generation of designers and engineers. He clearly knows the importance of nurturing young designers as they develop their passion and learn the vital skillset to build, utilize practical mechanics and manufacture. He earned an Associate degree in CAD/CAM Manufacturing, a BS in Product Design, and an MS in Transportation Systems and Design from ArtCenter College of Design.

Specialties: User Centered Design, Concept Design Development, Mechanical Design and Engineering, Prototyping and Design for Manufacturing, Design Education.